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I’ve thought about the cornering of the boat. To me it appears the nose may be too sharp.

If we look at the V2 design hull (image above), we see the nose is very sharp and the start of the delta pad is very far back. The deadrise angle is also not constant – it is much steeper at the front.

This resulted to it being very unstable in a straight line – its either turning left or right. It’d wander continuously and spin out on corners. Chine walking I believe is the correct term for it.

Kwikjet at top, current printed hull Razor below

Now if we look at the the Razor620 – it exhibits some of the turning characteristics that the V2 had but only very mildly. Relative to the Kwikjet it has a smaller and shorter delta pad. Its handling is a like a compromise between V2 and Kwikjet. This makes me think I need to lengthen the delta pad and widen it to make it handle more like the kwikjet which is what I’m going for. The deadrise angle is probably also playing a critical role.

The kwikjet has insane handling and cornering abilities that far surpassed what I thought I could achieve. Hopefully making these changes will assist the cornering.

Here we can clearly see the size relative width and length of the delta pad – it’s clearly longer and wider than I currently have.
Current hull design.
Updated shape

So I’ll have to reprint the hull again – this time I’ll just make it a thin one: 1.5mm will do the job. I will reduce the size of the strakes too as they do not need to be as large as they are right now. The Kwikjet gripped just fine in corners – no reason to have this many as it adds unnecessary drag.

Current hull
Updated hull – note shallower draft at front to give a constant deadrise angle
Current hull – Note how deadrise angle steepens closer to the front of the hull
Updated hull – constant deadrise angle

36 hours of printing to do now. More to follow this coming weekend 🙂

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