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So, finally time to print it! The hull is split into 4 sections to be printed. The roll cage took some thinking. I actually ended up designing it using weldments so that it creates every section loose, that way they can all be laid out flat on the printing platform. However after some thought, I decided against it since gluing it all together was going to be a nightmare and there was no way to guarantee I could get it all to line up. Well, so what the heck, what if I print it as one part all in one go? How bad could it go?

It worked great as you can see, I’m very happy with the result. I’m printing in ABS here but knowing what my other hobby grade printer prints like it’ll have no problem doing this in PLA if it went this well in ABS.

I commissioned Ara Ghulijanyan to model the drivers for me. You can find his work here. I got him to do the modeling work as the tool-set is very different from CAD and I didn’t want to spend the next month learning a completely new skill-set for a one off (hey perhaps one day, just, not today 🙂 ).

The drivers. The drivers came out fantastic. I love the detail. Beautiful.

I would like to point out that the reason I went with pink color is that I had that spool of filament sitting there in my box unused for over a year – now was the perfect chance to use it up!

Once I got this far I started to wonder if there were too many strakes and if they were too deep. The kwikjet didn’t have very many but still corners like a boss at high speeds and has no trouble sticking in the corners.

This many strakes is almost certainly overkill. Does it hurt to have too many strakes? Only one way to find out…

Here we have the engine block with exhausts. The engine block is printed in a few separate pieces to avoid needing supports in the middle and so that the black parts can be painted separately from the main block. Some silicone wires serve as spark leads. Very nice. Looks awesome. Can’t wait to take this bad boy out for a test drive.

Got some paint on the drivers

.. new blog post to follow soon..

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